Thursday, 25 September 2014

Latest News/Events - Updated June 23, 2015
Cre8ery Auxilliary Exhibit - June  22 - Aug 4
I am currently exhibiting four pieces at the Cre8ery in the auxiliary gallery.
Airborne Project Exhibit - June 30 - July 6
The Aviation Museum in Winnipeg will be displaying all artwork that was created as part of the Airborne Project. This project was initiated as a fundraiser. Artists were invited to come out to the store room at the museum and select airplane parts to incorporate into a unique project. I chose the door off a Cessna Crane plane which I learned played a significant part in the training of pilots during World War II. My piece consists of two panels mounted in the window of the door. The back panel is a quilted panel representing the fields and the front acrylic panel has a painting of the Cessna Crane. This was a fun and challenging project.
Past Events
In this one day workshop we will explore the wonderful medium of soft pastel. Soft pastels were used by some of history's great artists including Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt. You can expect to learn about the medium including the different shapes and brands that are available. We will also learn what some of the various surfaces are that pastel can be applied to.  We will learn and practice the various marks that we can make with pastel and how we might use those marks in our paintings. Once we've experimented with pastels, we will work on a small painting. You will be taken through the process of drawing a sketch, doing an underpainting, selecting a palette and working through your painting. Throughout the day, various tips will be provided on other aspects of the artmaking process including color, value, composition, etc. Come prepared for a relaxing and fun day of art making with pastels.

Studio Open House - November 16 from noon to 5:00pm
Please drop by for a glass of wine and some goodies

Exhibit at the Golden Prairie Council & Gallery in Carmen Manitoba. The show opening was October 9 from 7pm to 9 pm.

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